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Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is 24 hour care and we ensure the dogs receive time for play and activity and are not confined to crates for the time you are away. Freedom, fun, and exercise are what sets us apart from other boarding facilities.

Dog Daycare

Our daycare services include daily treadmill sessions and the freedom for your dog to go inside and out as needed. Freedom, fun, and exercise is what sets us apart from other daycare facilities.

How we are Different

Freedom, Fun, and Exercise !

Our dog boarding services are unique to Anchorage.  Dog boarding traditionally keeps dogs apart from each-other, most or all of the time.  We differ from other places in town because we have a very open environment, so dogs are free to run and play together, all day long!  

A Home Environment

We are different because we are smaller and we run our business out of our home.  We are different because we are here 24/7, so your dogs are not alone all night, without anyone on site, if there is an emergency.  Here at Animal Daycare & Boarding dogs do not get confused about their potty-training because they have a large indoor and outdoor space and are free to run outside to go to the bathroom whenever they want and are not forced to go inside.  


We are different in that our prices are more reasonable.  We are different in that we do not keep your dog waiting for you in a crate the whole time you are away. We are different because we do not charge you extra money for your dog to get some play time with other dogs. We are different because we currently allow male intact dogs even though it sometimes creates problems. We are different because we believe most dogs are better off being social with other dogs than sitting alone waiting for your return.

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