All breeds can use the treadmill to walk, jog, or run.

We treadmill dogs using our Daycare and Boarding service as needed.  You do not need to sign up or pay anything extra for this service.  Please let us know your desire for your dog to get treadmill sessions while here at AD&B and we will do so.  If your dog is using our Daycare or Boarding service then it is free for them to use our Dog Treadmill.

All Dog Treadmill Sessions are supervised.

Average Dog Treadmill Session consists of a brisk walk for the dog based on his or her size for 15-25 minutes a day.

In general, we do not treadmill older dogs, young puppies, sick or injured dogs.

Why a Treadmill?

Dogs need exercise, usually more than they get.  Sometimes they need more exercise than us humans can keep up with.  AD&B has a solution for those dogs that need more exercise – a treadmill for dogs.  We have an extra large treadmill that was designed specifically for dogs.  It works great, most dogs take to it in minutes.  The treadmill’s variable speeds and incline levels make it adaptable to meet all exercise needs.  All dog sizes from itty-bitty tiny dogs to large bear size dogs can use the treadmill.  We have developed a training system which gets most dogs walking, jogging or running on the treadmill on their first session.  We’ve seen dogs jump up on the treadmill and walk along the side of another dog who is using it!  Some dogs just love it.

Cesar Millan explains best the importance of exercise and how the treadmill can be used to meet your dogs exercise needs.  Here are some quotes found in his book, “Cesar’s Way”.

  • “If you’re not able to walk your dog as much as her level of energy requires, then a treadmill is a viable option.”
  • “But it’s (the treadmill) a great way to give added stress relief to a dog that has a lot of energy to burn.  It becomes both a physical and a psychological challenge for her.”
  • “And when a dog’s on a treadmill, she’s going to have to concentrate.  She’s going to get “in the zone.”

The dog treadmill allows us to develop a sound exercise regimen to achieve any exercise goal by allowing us to select the duration, speed, resistance, and frequency of exercise.

The treadmill offers your dog these benefits:

  • Improves health and well-being; increases life span; prevents obesity; strengthens the dog’s heart, develops muscles & stamina and is a powerful stress reliever for the dog.
  • Reduces risk of serious injury, no more worries about traffic, leash laws, wildlife or bad weather.
  • Provides versatility in exercise, a 7′ track, variable speeds & incline levels make it easy to adjust to your dog’s needs and control your dog’s exercise regimen.
  • Ideal for physical therapy rehabilitation.
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